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Peter: Master, leave. I’m a sinner and can’t handle this holiness. Leave me to myself.

Jesus: “There is nothing to fear. From now on you’ll be fishing for men!”

Luke 5 (MSG)

Reflection from the new years service message (12/31):

Not that I have already obtained all this, or have already arrived at my goal, but I press on to take hold of that for which Christ Jesus took hold of me. Brothers and sisters, I do not consider myself yet to have taken hold of it. But one thing I do: Forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead, I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus. Philippians 3:12-14

I must go hard after Christ because I am not perfect. Not going hard after Christ means that I am not willing to change my imperfections. God does not want my perfection, but He simply wants me to go hard after Christ.

"One of the reasons why you need to persevere in one place until you are called to the next place is because you might not be ready for the next place yet. And if you quit without persevering, you may not develop the character you need which maybe essential for you to be effective in the next place. Never merely be moved by feeling, but rather be moved by calling.” - Pastor Min

First off, hello tumblr! I am back again. It has been a while!!! I hope to utilize my tumblr more as I write about my reflections throughout the time of summer mission.

From May until now, my 25 teammates and I have been going through discipleship training every day. During our training, we have learned how to study the bible inductively, how to share the gospel, and how to grow in spiritual discipline. Also, we have been spending much, much time on ministry preparations (mostly getting ready for teaching kids in Detroit / Ann Arbor).

Finally from July, the actual field work is going to start! 

I am not a good writer, so I am uploading various photographs taken during the missions training. So that you all have a better glimpse of what I have been doing to get ready for July. Thanks to my sisters, Jenny Lee and Maila Kue for the awesome pictures!

(c) Jenny Lee

This is how I start my everyday. I wake up at 6:15 AM and get to my church by 6:30 AM for morning prayer. Morning prayer ends at 7 and from 7 to 8, I get one hour of quiet time to read His word and pray on my own. Sometimes, it is very difficult to stay awake but it has been truly great to spend time with God. On everyday Tuesday, we have a bible memory verse test (yikes…) so I often spend time memorizing the verses as well. (That’s what I am doing in the picture! And…kinda falling asleep at the same time….lol)

(c) Jenny Lee

Discipleship training starts at 8 AM! The person with a brown UT Austin cap (on the right) is Pastor Pete who leads our community summer missions team! Our training includes much reading, discussion, sharing, prayer and other unity-building activities.

(c) Jenny Lee

After an intense training, despite waking up early and feeling superrr tired, my team and I close out our daily training with joy and laughter. Like Really. Literally. We dance and sing shamelessly, encouraging each other to rejoice in our time of mission. It is an awesome reminder that I am not doing this alone.

Well, this photograph shows a typical Team A moment.

(c) Maila Kue

Cesar Chavez Academy (CCA) in Southwest Detroit is where my team will be teaching and serving. This school is located in the heart of SW Detroit, where there is a large Latino community. Last Saturday, we were able to visit the school and look around the area. I initially felt a sense of strangeness from being somewhere new for the very first time. But, at the same time, I felt excited to see what I will be learning and seeing here. That was totally God…..because I hate trying something new…I am always afraid of encountering something that I am not familiar with. Well….That is what I am about to do in July. This is going to be our mission field! Here we go! God, help us to love and serve the students at CCA!

(c) Maila Kue

There is so much brokenness in the city of Detroit. The team was able to witness it as we walked around the area and prayed for the city, specifically the people. 

(c) Maila Kue

Despite the brokenness of this city, we were able to notice that Southwest Detroit has a special culture that is heavily influenced by Latino ethnicity. We walked around the area and were able to witness how rich and unique their culture is. One of our my teammates, Abel (the guy with yellow tshirt) is from Southwest Detorit and He is a CCA alum! (Sweetnesssss) He did a great job of being a tour guide and introducing the culture of his own.

(c) Jenny Lee

The best part of this town: AUTHENTIC MEXICAN FOOD! @ Mi Pueblo! (I hope I spelled it right -_- hahahaha) 

(c) Jenny Lee

This is our team! I love you all with all my heart. God has been doing some great things in our team. The mission training has been hard for me, especially when I often think that I should be searching for jobs or doing an internship, instead of doing a mission in Michigan even after graduation. But, without a shadow of doubt, I know that God really wants me to be a part of this mission project and it will help me to have a clearer direction/purpose in my life. Also, when I look at the team, I know these are the people that I HAVE TO Go on a mission with! I simply know it. I simply feel it everyday. All glory to Jesus!

Prayer Requests

(1) To Love Him and to love His people

(2) Team Unity during the fieldwork (July - August)

(3) Fund Raising

(4) To close out my time well in Ann Arbor


modern family is my favorite show ever.

i want a big family like this :D

(c) Jim LePage

So cool and original.

Designer Jim LePage’s COOL design project is called “Word” and is where he’s creating original designs for each book of the bible. He started it because the Bible had personally seemed a bit boring so he wanted to combine it with something that personally excited him: Design…!!

CHECK OUT THE OTHER DESIGNS: http://churchcreate.com/original-artwork-for-the-entire-old-testament/


(via ellschng)

"I waited patiently for the LORD; he turned to me and heard my cry." (Psalm 40:1)

내가 여호와를 기다리고 기다렸더니 귀를 기울이사 나의 부르짖음을 들으셨도다 (시편 40:1)

Every year, at our new year’s service of my home church, the pastor gives out “the bible verse of this year” to every church member. This is it. This is my verse of 2011. Hello 2011!

January: The first day of 2010 @ Clearwater Beach with my family.

February: Yu-Na Kim conquered the world. (Might sound annoying but) I cannot deny it. I was so proud to be a Korean when she performed the gold medal performance in Vancouver.

March: Lent & Easter 2010 - Breakthrough. Freedom. Transformation. 

April: Uncountably many similarities. So much chemistry. So much laughter. So much growth. Deeeeeep friendship. Hawsome leadership team. This life group helped me to discover my passion and my true identity in Christ. The more I think about these people God placed in my life, the more amazed - and even a bit teary-eyed — I get. 

May: Spring in Ann Arbor - my favorite season. I do not even think of Florida during this time. Ah, please come now!

June: Our last Spring/Summer semester in Ann Arbor. Beautiful People. Beautiful Weather

July: My Older Brother Abe’s Wedding. I  L-O-V-E my brother. :) God’s enormous blessing for my family.

August: GRE. I hate you. Ugli everyday. 

September: My senior year. New Family: Blindside! Once again, God blessed me with another “best” leader :)

October: OWNED. PWNED. So much drama, miscommunication and struggle. I wanted to DELETE this month from my memory. But, God’s redemption was about to start.

November: First holiday (thanksgiving) with my sister-in-law. Blessed by my family’s never-ending support and love through prayer and care. God’s redemption started working in my tired spirit and burdened heart - “Then you will experience God’s peace, which exceeds anything we can understand. His peace will guard your hearts and minds as you live in Christ Jesus.” (Philippians 4:7)

December: Our beginning was little awkward… But, something started clicking…and then God’s power has been so “evident” in our group. I felt so overwhelmed to see how God provides our needs in a miraculous way. We have experienced the power of prayer and what it means to be a transcultural, inclusive group that is open to anyone. I am so super duper excited for our year of 2011 to come!

thinking about 2011. So much to come.